How to choose a cat litter box – Which One Is Right For You?

If you own a cat or looking to own a cat, then knowing about litter boxes is important. How to choose a cat litter box, Here’s some general information that can help educate you on litter box placement, size and choice of litter. First let me say that if you own more then one cat you should always have more then one litter box in your home. The general rule is one box per cat. It’s been even said that cat owners who have large homes or multi-story houses should have a box on every floor.

which litter box is right for my cat

When purchasing a litter box make sure you get one with a hood and the opening is large enough for the cat to enter and exit with ease. The size of the litter box should be large. Most cats go a few times a day and need to have plenty of clean space. If you do choose a hooded litter box keep it clean, the hood cat trap the smell of urine and Feces. Cats will reject a dirty smelly litter box and chose to go else where. I recommend cleaning a litter box once a day. Some pet owners like the Self cleaning litter boxes which is a great way of keeping the box clean.

which litter box is right for my cat

Cleaning for litter box

Next you need to select a good location for each litter box. First keep in mind that you should never place their litter box next to their food. Cats do not like to eat in the same location as their litter box. A Litter box should be located in a quite area of the house, out of the way of family traffic and kept off of any carpet. Also keep the litter box in a room with a window; you want to make sure you have plenty of ventilation.

When selecting a Litter you need to know that you have plenty of choices. Most people will experiment with different litters until they find the one that works best for their pet. Pet owners can choose from Corn-based, Wheat based, Recycle paper and much, much more. FYI, you can try baking soda in your kitty litter to help reduce the odor.

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