The Best Of Both Worlds With Cat Enclosures

The Best Of Both Worlds With Cat Enclosures

Many have debated over whether cats are better off indoors or outdoors. With cat enclosures, your pet can enjoy the best of both worlds. The arguments for keeping a cat indoors are numerous. Most are related to health and safety issues. The first most obvious danger of outdoor living for a cat is traffic. Just one mistake can be fatal for such a small pet. Indoor cats are also safe from exposure to the various poisons that many outdoors cats can get into. Pesticides, antifreeze, trash, rotten foods, poisonous plants and mean people who may treat them badly are all real reasons not to let your cat outdoors.

However, inexpensive cat enclosures can make the great outdoors safe for you indoor cat so that he or she can enjoy the luxuries of indoor living and the adventure an exotic jungle in their own backyard. Many cat enclosures are simple enough just to let you cat enjoy sunshine and fresh air. For those living in apartments, you can create a kitty window box. If nothing else, cover the screen with a sturdy guard and leave the window open with a perch in front of it.

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There are also products that can be installed on the bottom half of a double-hung window. You can buy these “bay windows” for your cat so that they are actually sitting outside the window, or you can build an inexpensive home version yourself. These can made by attaching a small cage (either a dog crate or a sturdy homemade cage) to the window frame. If you are renting, it is a good idea to get your landlord’s permission before bolting cages to the outside of his property!

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For those lucky enough to have a yard or deck, you have other options for your cat enclosure. There are mesh walk ways that can be placed on the patio or deck. These resemble a tunnel that the cat can see through but remain safe from outdoor dangers. Larger enclosures can be built with wooden frames and wire mesh to allow several “stories” for the cat to climb up. These take little ground space since they are narrow and go upwards more than out. You can add interesting stations such as a sleeping box, scratching post. And other entertaining toys to keep the cat from getting bored. You can find plans to build your own configuration on the internet for very little cost.

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There are also metal fences designed to go around the entire yard to keep the cat in the backyard. The flexible fencing material discourages the cat’s climbing up it, but just in case the top tilts inward so that he or she can’t climb over the top. These fences can be installed easily by the home owner. And do not detract from the aesthetics of the view from the backyard. The fence cat enclosure will give the cat a lot more space to roam and keep him safe from other dangers.

He may think he is back in the wild exotics that his ancestors once roamed. However, this much exposure to outdoors may leave him open to infestation of fleas, ticks, or other parasites. If you choose to allow your cat outdoors, remember to inspect him or her regularly for pest bugs. You may also want to invest in preventive treatments to repel such problematic pests.

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