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Hamster’s Wild Habitat And Care For Hamsters


Hamsters are very small and wild animals in the rodent family that are great fun as pets. These not currently active animals have aced out little body with relatively strong legs and exceptionally wide feet. Hamsters have small cheek pouches on either side of their head which are used to carry food and store food before consumption. With short tales, pointy ears, and the sheep for coats, pastors are some of the most beloved of all rodent pet.

Some interesting facts about hamsters

Some interesting facts about hamsters are that the wild habitat of these rodents consists of mostly dry areas, devoid of any water. The diet of hamsters includes grasses, seeds, fruits and vegetables, in fact, lizards and even other small mammals which can be caught and overtaken, are part of the dinner for hamsters. Natively or wild , hamsters can be found in the deserts of Asia and India. The word “hamster”is taken from the German word ‘Hamstern’, which means “to hoard”! That is exactly what the little hamsters do as they gather nuts and food items from around the arid landscapes of Asia and stash them into the borough. A true hoarder!

Hamsters are not blind yet they are colorblind and can only see 6 inches in front and this is on a good day. Hamsters are omnivores, and will eat just about anything they can get there little mitts on! When setting up a residence for keeping a hamster as a pet, a small residence, with non-cedar shavings and a makeshift borough, plus access to water and a little food, is all that the friendly rodent will ever require.

Enjoy For  Wild Hamsters

Many hamster owners resort to installing exercise wheels, slides, and even attempt to shed some pounds off the often heavy and bubbly little rodents! Whatever floats their boat is fine with the hamster as there is something to be said about obliviousness!

Hamsters are wild animals. It may be difficult to tame some hamsters and one of them is desert hamster. Desert hamsters are wild and may need time to tame. Also called Desert Hamster or Robo Hamster, this Roborovski Hamster is the smallest and fastest of the dwarf hamsters. Emerging in the deserts of Mongolia, China and Russia, Robovski, the smallest of the hamster species, the desert hamster is smaller than 2 cm when first born. Adults can reach 4.5-5 cm in length. In adults, body weight can be 20-25 g.

Robovski hamster can live on average 3 years. This period can be extended further with good care in good conditions.

The plumage is light brown on the back and white on the abdomen. This fur shape makes it easier to live in harmony with the desert. There is a wide whiteness around the eye. There is a white-faced species of robo hamster, but this variation is very rare.

This type of hamster is not very friendly, they do not like to be handled and can be difficult to tame. It is possible to accustom with some patience and a favorite food.

Desert Hamster is Hard to Tame

First of all, get used to your hand and make sure not to escape. Move your hand from the front and from a point where he can see you, with the palm up. After a while, extend your hand by placing a favorite food in the palm of your hand. Already your hand will start to come to the palm of your hand to get the food. In the meantime, you should be careful not to reach behind your neck. He can perceive this hand as a threat he cannot see.

They live well in colonial form in their wildlife and they can get along with their species in the same cage. However, as with all hamsters, it is better to be alone. He is shy .Rather than contacting people, he is quite happy to watch his surroundings through his cage.

This type of night is fast moving. It is quite difficult to catch. Roborovski hamsters who have a soft temperament but do not like to be handled very rarely can bite.

For a very curious hamster who likes toys and fun activities in the cage, it is necessary to choose a little hamster cage. He likes to play games, and it is good to put hamster toys for activities in the cage. Therefore, the cage to be selected must be of suitable dimensions. In addition, the long cage tunnels in the cage or cotton hamster game tunnel will make your hamster happy.

Abundant base material should be used for this species who loves digging and storing. However, they are more sensitive than they are very small. Therefore, softwood poplar shavings should be preferred instead of pine shavings. Pieces of paper may also be used as the base material. However, you should prefer inkless, unpainted paper.

Amazon Parrots Personality,food,care and informations for sale


The parrots that belong to the genus Amazona are commonly known as Amazon parrots. The Amazon parrot is the inhabitant of the new world that ranges from South America, Mexico as well as Caribbean.  Indeed it is believed that the Amazon parrot owe their name to Christopher Columbus who brought this short winged, green colored parrot to Europe. There are as much as 27 species of these parrots around the New.

The Amazon parrot is a very talented and intelligent breed of parrot that excels in the art of talking and imitating various sounds. Their only rivals in this field of art are the African grey parrots. Their specialty at mimicry makes them quite popular as pets or companion parrots. However, these parrots are demanding pets. They crave for attention and love and hence they are not meant for all.

The Yellow–naped Amazon, Orange-winged Amazon, Yellow-headed Amazon and Blue-fronted Amazon are the four common species of Amazon parrots which are common as pets. These parrots are quite well known because of their exceptional playfulness, vocal abilities and dexterity. The feeding habits of these parrots include fruits, nuts, seeds supplemented with leafy matter. The popularity of these parrots as pets has infact led to the development of a small industry that deals with parrot breeding in captivity.

Amazon Parrots İnformations For Sale

Unfortunately over-stress on this industry has also led some parrot species to the category of threatened animals. Different species of Amazon parrot is sold at different prices that range between $800 – $1600. The price rises higher with the speech ability of the parrot. The cost of this pet varies from species to species and the quality of the bird but on an average it ranges from $250 – $1500.

Parrots are probably the most favorite group of birds with cute characteristics and colorful patterns. If you happen to be a parrot lover. You would certainly be having some attractive parrot pictures set as wallpapers on your computer screen. Among the several types of parrots found around the world, Amazon Parrots are among the social, playful and energetic ones.

Amazon Parrots Food And Care

These green colored, short winged parrots have 27 different species spread over South Africa, the Caribbean and Mexico. Amazon Parrots are talkative and best imitators and their intelligence is said to match with 3 year old human child, monkeys and dolphins. They are 36 cm long and have an average life-span of 50-70 years. However, they can live longer depending on the care being taken. If you want information about the Grey African Parrot, we recommend you to read this article.

They are sometimes irritable, stubborn, quite and jealous while at other times they might be loud, cuddly and playfully aggressive. If you are planning to buy an Amazon parrot, be ready to shower all your attention on it as they need a lot of care and love.

Amazon Parrots normally live on fresh water, vegetables, fruits and parrot pellet mix. You can also give it a share from your family dinner as long as the food is salt free and healthy. Never feed it with alcohol, caffeine, avocado, chocolate and apple seeds as these things are toxic to them.

African Grey parrot , price, care, feeding


An amazingly intelligent species, the African grey parrot has been charming many as their pets for more than 4000 years now. This medium sized parrot generally inhabits the rain forest of Central and West Africa. As per the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the African grey parrots were kept as pets for the first time by the Egyptians. The Romans and Greeks equally value this wonderful bird and the Romans are also known to keep them in special ornate cages. It is interesting to know that even King Henry VII was also a proud owner of an African grey parrot.

African grey parrot

Considered to be the best in mimics among the parrot species, the African grey parrots are quite strong. They are even known to bite with their pointed beaks and scratch with their sharp claws. The preferable diet for these parrots include broccoli, mustard greens, some cheese and at times almonds. Their dietary requirements are quite special as their food should be suitably supplemented with Vitamin A and calcium. However, an excess of these supplements can lead to severe health issues.

Since the African grey parrots are heavy birds, only a few of their feathers need clipping. If more feathers from the wings are clipped. The flight of the bird will be severely impaired and can also result in injury. The Africa gray parrots live for an average of 50 years if kept in captivity. The pet shops that keep the African grey parrot for sale differ quite a bit in their price range. Still on an average these parrots are available between the price range of $600 – $1000.

African Congo Grey parrot

The short-tailed stocky African Congo Grey parrot date back to almost over 4000 years, (scientific name – Psittacus erithacus erithacus) and the Timneh African Grey Parrot (scientific name – Psittacus erithacus timneh) is regarded as the most successful human companion. The Congo African grey parrot is the larger of the two species with 12 inches length, deep red colored tail, light grey colored feather and black beak. The other sub species is smaller in size, charcoal grey colored feather with a maroon tail and a light horn upper

The African Congo Grey parrot had a probable origin in Central and West Africa. Even King Henry VII had an African Congo Grey parrot as a pet. And the Portuguese sailors used these parrots as their companions during their long sea voyages. This species of African Congo Grey parrot owe their popularity and demand to their charming intelligence, communication ability and the art of mimicking a wide range of sounds. The African Congo Grey parrot craves for attention and show their agitation by plucking feathers when neglected. If disturbed, they can even bite which can be very

The African Congo Grey parrot weighs around 300-400gms and the most suitable food for them are fruits and vegetables mixed with Quality parrot mix pellets. There are many pet shops where you can buy these parrots at the usual rates of $900 – $1000.

About African gray parrot

  • What makes a parrot the popular pet bird that it is?  Why does it differ from other birds and how this difference will make it a better pet for you.
  • Parrot parenting information so that caring for your parrot is easier and you have more time to enjoy with him.
  • Did you know your parrot needs 12 hours sleep?  That’s right!  Read all about how to give your parrot the rest that it needs so that it is not sleep deprived and gets unwell.
  • Why your parrot has some of the habits that it does.  We tend to forget that we have taken these birds out of the wild and that not all of their habits have been forgotten.
  • What to feed a parrot. A healthy diet for your parrot is such a benefit for the total well being of a parrot.  It is amazing just what they will eat, but there are certain things that are not good for them.  
  • Parrots do get ill from time to time and there are early warning signs that you can look for so that you can get right on to fixing the problem straight away.  No parrot likes being a sick parrot!
  • Teaching your parrot tricks and how to talk are just some of the fun things to do with your parrot.  They love your attention and there are so many things to teach them so that you both enjoy each others company
  • There are hundreds of parrot breeds, but there are much fewer that people tend to gravitate to for their pets . Because parrot owners like to have birds that are very skilled at their parrot tricks and who will talk with them.  Some parakeet are so intelligent that they will even string sentences together!
  • There is so much more to tell and that is why you will find the mini-course so enlightening.

Teacup Pomeranian Size, Personality, Grooming and Sale İnformation


As your family is looking for a puppy or dog to add to your family you may want to consider a teacup Pomeranian.  If you are looking for a little fur ball a Pomeranian is the perfect choice for you and your family.  The first thing that you will notice as you are looking at Pomeranians is their adorable furry faces.  They do look like a fur ball.

As you are choosing your new family member you will want to remember all the important things that come with owning a dog.  The most important thing that a dog wants is to have the love of their family.  They will return that love to their family.

Teacup Pomeranian

A teacup Pomeranian has been called many different names:  micro teacup Pomeranians, toy Pomeranians, miniature Pomeranians, teacup poms and mini Pomeranians.  Pomeranians names were originated from the central region of the continent which is called Pomerania.  Pomeranians grew in popularity and their recognition increased in the 1600s.  This was due to different royal families added this particular breed to their families.  Queen Victoria, in the 1800s, had a Pomeranian which was smaller than a normal Pomeranian.

Weight and Body Teacup Pomeranian

It’s not until 1950 you never see any mention of a weight on the Pomeranians.  Pomeranians will reach 3-7 pounds in weight.  The females are a little bigger than the males.  Their height should be 8-11 inches.

You will find that a Pomeranian should have a fox like expression.  Their eyes are usually dark and perky and their ears are alert. Pomeranian noses are usually black or you could find some that are chocolate, blue, or beaver.

Their neck needs to be long and sturdy so that they are able to carry their head upright and proud.  Their back should be straight and even.  They should also have a strong tail and have a heavy fluff which rises high above the back.

Personalities and Temperaments

Pomeranians have been given the misconception of being a yappy, tiny dog with tons of fur which seems to be shooting out from all over their body.  They are very keen when there is a stranger approaching.  This keen sense about them helps them to become excellent watch dogs.  They do require early socialization.cute Teacup Pomeranian

You may find that some of the Pomeranians can be bossy and could even try to chase a strange dog.  They don’t care about the size of the other dog.  But, they do well with other pets in the home.  They are very bright and will look straight at you with a cocked head as you are talking to them.

If they are not trained properly then could become possessive of their food and their toys.  They could become resentful of children if the focus is taken away from the.  Some people will say they require a lot of attention.

Pomeranians are very playful and active dogs.  They have proven to be excellent companion dogs, as well.  They love to just spend the time lying on your lap or even sleeping beside you on the couch.  Some, you may find, can suffer from separation anxiety if they tend to be left along for long periods of time.  They are very easy to train, friendly, protective, loyal, loving, and intelligent to give you just a few of their qualities.

How to Groom A Pomeranian

They do have a double thick coat which means that their coats require some extra attention.  Their coats will require the extra attention of daily care.  They will also require regular grooming.  This will help to keep their coats, soft, fluffy, shiny, and tangle free.  Different skin problems could occur if they are not brushed and cleaned regularly.  Their coats could even become matted and tangled.  This will make it more difficult to groom them.Teacup Pomeranian for sale

teacup pomeranian puppyIf their shedding is causing a problem then their coats may need to be trimmed twice or three times a year.  This should help with any shedding problems you may encounter.  Their ears also need to be cleaned.  This is accomplished by using an ear cleaning solution every two weeks.  This will help prevent ear mites. You will want to take your Pomeranian for walks every day.  They need to have plenty of exercise.  They can receive this by running around your house but walks are nice also.  By taking them on walks this will help in keeping their nails shorter.

A Pomeranian lifespan is longer than other breeds.  They have a life span on the average of 13-15 years.  Unfortunately they are vulnerable to health issues.  Some examples include:  diseases and skin infections; heart conditions; knee problems and eye infections; cryptorchidism; loss of teeth early; hypoglycemia; tracheal collapse; seizures; and luxating patella.

Where Can I Find Pomeranians ?

You will find Pomeranians in different colors:  brindle – any solid color, dark stripes, or allowed patterns.  Parti – white base with any allowed pattern or solid color.  Extreme piebald:  white with patches of color on tail or head.  Piebald:  white with color markings on head, tail and body.  Irish:  color on the body and head with white chest, collar and legs.

Tan points – any solid color with color pattern sharply defined underside of the tail and skirt, above the eye, lower legs and feet, muzzle, ears, throat, and fore chest.  They are more desirable when the tan is richer.

You are able to find teacup Pomeranian and pomsky puppies and adult dogs for sale all over.  You can research them on the internet or even in your local paper pomeranian  pomsky for sale.  Some of the individuals that are on the internet are even willing to ship their dogs to you if you would like.

As you are choosing your dog you need to remember that this dog will now be a part of your family.  This dog will want the love and attention that the rest of your family wants.  The dog will also become your friend and give you more love as you show it the love you have for it.

Where Can I Find Pomsky Pups for Sale?


We recommend you to adopt a pomsky puppy for sale. Pomsky’s history is not very old, as it was recently produced by artificial insemination. Since it is a very new species, it is not yet clear how it should look and its other features. Some generations of race must be passed for several generations to fit. Currently, even in the sister Pomsky there may be differences in appearance and temperament. For this reason, the standards of race do not seem to occur soon.

If you are looking  Pomsky for sale , it is important that your garden or garden provide a good fence to keep the dog safe on the right side and that it is trained for good recall from an early age to reduce potential tendencies.

Where Can I Find Pomsky Puppy for Sale?

Pomskies are quickly becoming one of the most sought after types of dogs out there, and the fact that they are a relatively new breed (still unofficial) and are in very high demand has made them hard to find. One of the things you should be aware of is that there are dishonest breeders out there that aren’t really selling a Pomsky but are instead offering a different type of dog with similar features in order to make a quick buck. Beware of these fraudulent sellers and certainly take the time to do your due diligence and deal only with honest breeders. This being said there are several reputable breeders offering these cute puppies for sale, you just have to know where to look.

Internet Search

Doing a simple internet search for “Pomsky,” “Pomskies” or “Husky Pomeranian Mix” will net you dozens of breeders anywhere in the world. The trouble is that you can’t be too sure if the breeder is actually selling you the exact dog you are looking for. First of all, since the breed is still in process. You may find it difficult to get just the right size and color mix you desire. Also, there are some breeders that are posting stock images of the breed and not actually showing you what the dogs they sell really look like.

Contacting the Breeder

All of this means, of course, that it’s very important for you to research the breeder thoroughly. Before committing to a purchase or worse laying down a deposit. You always want to contact the dealers directly and find out as much as possible about the particular dog you will be purchasing, as well as any information about the puppy’s parents. Usually, you’ll find that breeders are accommodating. You will answer all of your questions and are generally happy to provide you with additional photographs if you ask.

If Possible, Visit the Breeder

The internet has brought more and more pomsky breeders and future dog owners together. Literally allowing for someone to purchase a puppy from across the continent. But there is still a lot of value in being able to purchase a puppy from a breeder that lives nearby. Because;  it gives you the opportunity to visit the puppy beforehand and get a sense for its personality and physical features. Even though shipping isn’t really an issue any more. You may prefer not having the newest addition to the family undergo what could be a stressful experience flying across the nation.

Puppy Care | Raising Your Puppy


The prospect of getting a new puppy can be both exciting and frightening. As they present not only a great deal of fun and a rewarding relationship with a stalwart companion. But also a challenge for your patience and your entire household. All of which can be overcome with a level head and steady nerves. And with a little persistence you can train a puppy to be a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the various ways people train their puppies. As well as what you’ll need in order to properly puppy care for your animal.

Raise Your Puppy to Be a Confident

Puppy care generally dictates having a certain amount of patience. Especially when it comes to accidents inside the house,. And chewing up things that shouldn’t be chewed up. This behavior can usually be curbed with negative reinforcement, which involves scolding your puppy when you catch him in the act of doing something he shouldn’t be doing. If you get there after the carnage has taken place, then scolding him will do little good and you will simply have to find another way to stop the behavior. If he wrecks the house while you are gone.  For example, try dog proofing the room he is kept in and spraying a bitter solution or even something like curry on the things that can’t be moved, like furniture.

Proper puppy care also means that you should know how to feed your dog. Puppies tend to eat roughly two percent of their body weight every day until they are six months old, and can be fed once or twice a day. Since they eat so much, they do about an equal amount of pooping. And taking them out a few times a day, especially after they’ve eaten, is a good way to avoid accidents in the house.

The Complete Guide To Raising A Puppy

Try spending time with your puppy outside about an hour after feeding to encourage him to go outside, and if he does, reward him with praise or a food treat.

There are lots of aspects of puppy care that must be considered before trying to raise one. And many of them are specific to the breed and the personality of your particular puppy. However, having a little knowledge beforehand will help you predict the behavior of your dog. And getting to know your puppy will make this even easier.

How To Iguana Proof A House ? Iguana Proofing


If you’re going to let your pet iguana free-roam, it’s a good idea to iguana proof a house. He can cause a lot of damage if you don’t. Also, he can easily get hurt if you don’t remove potential hazards. Here are a few things you need to do to iguana proof a house.

  How To Iguana Proof A House 

What is the best environment for iguana, How to make the best home for them? You certainly don’t want your lizard to escape. If you have a baby, then you’ll need to barricade the bottom of the doorways. He can easily escape beneath one of the doors in the room if you don’t.

You also need to make sure that all windows are closed shut. Iguanas love to climb and will quickly escape outside through a cracked window. You should also be aware that screens aren’t enough to contain them. Their sharp claws and teeth can easily create an escape route.

Cords for iguana 

It’s best that you don’t have any electrical cords lying around the room, especially live ones. You don’t want your iguana to bite through one and get the shock of his life. Even if he doesn’t try to bite the cord, he can try to climb it. He may pull something down on top of him and get hurt.


Live plants can also pose a hazard to your reptile. Some varieties are very toxic if ingested. You’ll need to research potentially harmful species if you have any plants in your home. In addition to the plants themselves, the dirt that houses them can also cause problems. If your iggie eats too much of it, it can cause impaction.

how to Cleanliness

You’ll also need to make sure that you keep the room very tidy. This means nothing lying around on the floor that your iguana may decide to eat. Potentially hazardous items include string, cloth, and hair. Make sure the carpet is vacuumed well. You should also be aware that loose threads in the carpet can be ingested and cause impaction.


It’s never a good idea to mix these exotic pets with other pets in the home. Iguanas don’t get along very well with cats, dogs, and other common pets. If you do allow them to be around each other, you should do so only occasionally. And even then, you need to monitor them closely to ensure one doesn’t get hurt.

4 Simple Methods For Goldfish Care


Feeding animals at home is an enjoyable task. Feeding fish is more peaceful than other animals. You can relax your soul by watching the variety of fishes swim in the water with their vibrant and beautiful colors. Like every living fish, the fish also expect attention and attention. There are a few simple methods you should be aware of for goldfish care. Here are 4 of them for you, already convenience!  which Simple Methods For Goldfish care ?

Do goldfish bite?

Goldfish have teeth (called Pharyngeal teeth) but they are at the back of their mouth so getting bitten is not likely to happen. If their mouth was to come in contact with your finger or hand, the most they could do is suck or ‘kiss’ it. Remember, goldfish are very small and so their teeth will only be tiny too! Any contact would be painless.

How often should you clean your tank?

You should change the water in your tank once a week, which will keep ammonia levels down, help to increase oxygen in the tank and also cleans away any waste that has built up from the week before.

Can more than one goldfish live together?

This will depend on the size of your tank. Ideally one goldfish should have at least 10 gallons (approx 45 litres) of water to live comfortably. If you wanted to give him a friend you would need to increase the size of your tank by adding another 10 gallons — this ensures that there’s enough oxygen for each fish.

You will need to be careful when deciding on whether or not to get your goldfish a new companion, as combining different goldfish varieties can lead to problems. These problems can be anything from goldfish bullying, stress, and the smaller / slower goldfish may not feed properly. It is essential that you keep goldfish of the same type, size and speed in the same aquarium.

Do goldfish like being handled?

Your goldfish may swim towards your hand if you’re in the process of feeding fish, but you should avoid touching them at all times. They may be comfortable to swim around your hand or finger, and take food from you but try not to let them touch you. Even the slightest of touches against the goldfish’s skin can cause damage. The slimy coating that protects them from bacteria and toxins is there for a reason, any any contact could potentially upset this which in some cases can be life threatening to the fish.

By all means interact with your goldfish, and play with them (sensibly) — just avoid brushing against their skin and scaring them.

Can I Find A Dog That Likes Cats-What dogs can live with cats?


If you already have a cat (or maybe you have more than one cat) and would like to add a pet dog to your family, you may be wondering , What dogs can live with cats?

It may seem that this would be a relatively easy question to answer, but like people, animals have all different temperaments – some are common to a particular breed, but each will also have personality traits all its own. This makes it just a little bit tougher to say specifically what breed of dog will – and what breed of dog won’t – get along with your cat.

What Dogs Can Live With Cats?

There are certainly some breeds of dog that are not terribly cat-friendly. Included in the list would be most terriers, like the Jack Russell, the Westie, the Scottie, and the Cairn; Spitzes, which include Huskies, Akitas, Chows, Keeshonds, and Pomeranians among others; and Sight Hounds, such as Afghans, Irish Wolfhounds, Greyhounds, Scottish Deerhounds and Whippets. This of course leaves many, many other dog breeds to choose from that will more than likely get along just fine with the cats in your home.

What you need to keep in mind is that nearly any animal can be trained to get along with your other pets; it just may take some work and patience on your part. If you bring home a puppy, he or she shouldn’t have too much trouble adapting to the cats in your family, but an adult dog that has not been raised with cats and doesn’t know how to socialize with them, may be somewhat tougher. There may be quite a long period of acclimation before the animals begin to get along with one another.

What dogs get on well with cats?

It may help speed the friendship process along if you leave the dog on a leash inside the house, while the cat becomes accustomed to his new housemate. Petting the cat and then the dog will give the dog the scent of the cat – and of course doing the opposite by petting the dog and then the cat will give the cat the scent of the dog – may help the process as well, because this is how animals are able to communicate with one another to determine which animals are threats and which are not.

Another good idea would be to make sure you have a tall area, perhaps a scratching post, where the cat can climb up to escape the exuberance of your new dog. This will allow both you and your cat to feel comfortable when you find you must leave them alone together. When given the opportunity, they will eventually work it out between themselves.

So do not worry excessively about your new puppy and old family friend getting along. Do what you can to help them maneuver the difficulties of getting to know one another and then step back and let nature take its course. Ultimately, they’re bound to be the best of friends.

What is the best small dog for a pet?


Delightful Toy and Miniature Breeds of Dogs That Will Bring Your Family Great Pleasure. What is the best small dog for a pet? Like many of us, you may wonder what miniature and toy dog breeds are available to bring home to be your family pet. There may be more than you’re aware of! Most the miniature and toy breeds are merely small counterparts of the same, but larger, breeds.

What is the best small dog ?

You may find it interesting to learn that dog breeds considered miniature or toys are actually both modern and ancient. They often are descended from breeds of dogs that have been around for literally centuries, so, in a sense, they are ancient, however some of them have come from purposefully breeding two or more breeds or inbreeding producing the miniature and toy dog breeds we have today, such as the Miniature Pinscher.

Another example would be the Italian Greyhound, which appears to be a small version of the Greyhound as it has the same talents as its larger breed.

You will want to choose carefully from the large selection of miniature and toy breeds of dogs, considering the pros and cons of each to be sure you get a dog that will suit your family and the lifestyle you lead. Something specific to consider about a toy breed of dog is that their extremely small size makes it quite difficult for a vet to treat them, since they don’t have any extra weight and can dehydrate quite easily. Toy breeds also can have a predisposition to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

Here are some breeds of small dogs that people have found to make the best pets:

Popular Small Dog Breeds


The world’s smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua (6″ to 11″). A Chihuahua has rather prominent, bulging eyes and ears that are erect, but soft. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Chihuahuas can get aggressive when provoked, but are typically very devoted and loving.


The Affenpinscher is a German breed that comes in the small size of 11 inches and with a weight of less than 5 pounds. They have a bit of a mischievous streak and sport a mustached muzzle with a coat that is rather rough. They are generally very playful but can be somewhat obstinate occasionally.

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

This is a toy breed from Britain well known for its playful personality. Yorkies have soft, downy coats and are typically about 9 inches tall and weigh around 5 or 6 pounds. They get along well with people, are quite intelligent, and tend to be rather bold. They are black with patches of tan.

Shi Tzu

This is a Chinese breed and is also known as the ‘Chrysanthemum Dog’. It is characterized by a long billowing coat and high intelligence. Normally its height can go up to 11″. Shi Tzu’s are highly affectionate, sporty and courageous.

Other small breeds of dogs that are enjoyed by many are: Pug, Pomeranian, Pekingese, Papillion, Maltese Dog, Lhasa Apso, Havanese, French Bulldog, and Toy Poodle. These are by no means all the dogs that are available in toy and miniature varieties. But ; indeed many have enjoyed welcoming them into their families and delighted them in the years following their adoptions. If you’re a lover of small breeds of dogs, you will surely find one that will give you immense pleasure among all the varieties that are available to you.