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5 the best information Before buying a goldfish


Feeding the goldfish is as enjoyable as it is a pleasure. To help people who haven’t fed more gold fish before they buy gold fish; We’ll give you 5 important goldfish feeding information. Before choosing a goldfish as a pet consider the following:

Goldfish cannot be handled

As cute and pretty as your goldfish can be, you must not handle them. They have a slimy coating that protects them from bacteria, toxins and harmful substances — and if you touch them you will probably risk damaging it, and this can be life threatening to the fish. It is vital that you try your best not to do this — even a gentle brush may cause an upset to the slimy layer. Other conditions can affect their protective coat too, such as changes in the water temperature or a difference in chemicals. So however much you love your goldfish – you must not touch them.

Goldfish need their sleep!

Much like humans goldfish need their sleep! You will need to have a regular schedule so that the aquarium has a certain amount of light each day. Fish don’t have eyelids so they can’t shut off the light, but they need to rest so a good amount of time with the lights out will help them have a good nights sleep. You may find that you turn your lights off when you go to bed — so this would be the perfect time for your fish to rest too.

Goldfish require very specific living conditions!

You must maintain a steady water temperature in your goldfish’s aquarium. Their health can be compromised if the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, so ideally you need to keep your water temperature between 20-24 degrees Celsius. If the temperature in your house considerably drops on a day to day basis it might be worth installing a heater into your tank.

Goldfish feeding

Be sure not to overfeed your goldfish as they will eat almost anything and don’t know when to stop! Keep a regular feeding pattern of twice a day and this should make sure they’re given enough food. You’ll need to make sure you are going to be around to feed them. They’ll eat anything from goldfish flakes and granules to fresh fruit and vegetables, so as long as you can give them a bit of variety, this should ensure they have a healthy diet and are able to thrive.

Goldfish need plenty of space

Your goldfish will need a good amount of space to move about, swim and play in their tank. This will keep them happy and will give them a chance to behave as they normally would. Without ample space, they won’t be able to thrive.

humidity for iguana – How to keep ?


Iguanas are native to tropical regions, so they need a relatively high humidity level. They get most of their water from the moisture in the air, so proper humidity is vital to their health. You should maintain the iguana humidity level between 65 and 75%. It’s a good idea to invest in a quality humidity indicator. Let’s discuss some ways you can maintain a proper level in your iguana’s enclosure.

Iguanas live in humid forests and water sides in nature, so high humidity levels should be provided. It is ideal between 70-80%. You can do this by moistening the cage with water spray 4-5 times a day.

iguana humidity percent

One of the simplest ways to maintain proper humidity for iguanas is to use a spray bottle. You can use this to mist the enclosure as well as your iguana a few times each day. An expensive yet more reliable solution would be to buy an automatic misting or fogging system. One of these systems would automatically mist the enclosure a few times each day.


You can also give you iguana a shower or bath on a daily basis. This will greatly help the amount of moisture he has available. However, you need to be careful if you use the tub yourself. Iguanas can carry salmonella bacteria which can cause a serious bacterial infection in humans. Therefore, make sure you disinfect the tub after your iguana has had a bath.

high iguana humidity level

While it’s important to have a relatively high iguana humidity level, it’s also important that it’s not too high. This presents an excellent breeding ground for the growth of fungus and mildew. Not only will it grow around the enclosure, but it can also grow on the iguana itself.

Making sure there is adequate ventilation will help reduce this problem. It’s also helpful if you don’t mist the enclosure too late in the afternoon. The heating lights will help evaporate excess moisture while they’re on during the day.

Basic Betta Fish Care Tips – How To Care ?


In the pet and animal community, there is a very sad and unfortunate myth that caring for betta fish takes very little effort. Betta fish are often kept in very small bowls of pet store shelves. And given very little attention or concern for their well being. Ask an employee about their living conditions and they are very likely to tell you about how Siamese fighting fish live in puddles which is a popular myth but false. Becau se of this, many new betta fish owners do not give proper care to their fish which often results in sickness or even death

However, equipped with the right knowledge, taking care of your Siamese fighting fish doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, owning and caring for betta fish can be stress free as long as you know how to identify problems and fix them in a timely manner. A few minutes a day is all takes to monitor your betta fish’s health and provide it with the proper care and diet. The Betta Fish Care Organization has a lot of in-depth information on different Siamese fighting fish care topics. But if you need a short introduction, look no further.

The number one way to care for your betta fish is to make sure you have the right type of tank. A lot of different sources will tell you that a good size for a betta fish bowl is 1.5 gallons but in reality you will want at least a 2 gallon bowl, although you should always strive for more. For the temperature of the tank, you should strive for around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Betta fish can live average 2 years but ; How Long Do Goldfish Live for between 20 and 25 years.

How do I keep my betta healthy?

Siamese fighting fish are a tropical fish and require heat to stay healthy. Some people may tell you that you can keep betta fish in temperatures as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit…this is an extremely bad idea and will likely result in a dead fish. Make sure to keep the pH of the bowl between 6.0-8.0 and to change the water on a regular basis for the best betta fish care possible.

Diet wise, there are a lot of options for keeping your betta healthy. In the wild, Siamese fighting fish feed mostly off of insects such as mosquitoes and their larvae and also worms. Protein rich diets such as frozen blood worms are the best for betta fish care and will help in keeping them fit, happy, and healthy. If you do decide to feed them flakes, make sure they are betta flakes such as BettaMin flakes as opposed to generic tropical flakes, which will not provide the proper amount of nutrients for your betta.

When it comes to compatibility with other animals, always use extreme caution and make sure to monitor your betta fish very carefully. Make sure to never put two male Siamese fighting fish together as this will provoke violence that will lead to injury. It is however possible to place multiple females in the same aquarium. A lot of people ask if they can pair goldfish with betta fish…absolutely not. The best type of animals to pair with betta fish are peaceful bottom dwellers, although other animals such as the African Dwarf Frog are possible candidates.

Basic Betta Fish Care Tips

When it comes to owning a pet, most people prefer to start small. For example, before moving on to caring for dogs or cats. Some pet owners would like to start with hamsters in small cages or fish in aquariums. This is because most people think that caring for smaller animals does not require as much effort in terms of the food, space, environment, and other requirements that they would have to meet as aquarium hobbyists.

But in reality, there is so much more to taking care of a pet fish. Especially if you are interested in betta fish, one of the most colorful and amusing breed of pet fish to have around. Whether you are just an aquarium hobbyist or if you are planning to go into breeding betta fish, try to consider these simple tips to providing a good home and care for your betta.

Buying Your Betta Fish

First things first, you have to remember that, when buying a betta fish. You will encounter several species of the same fish type. The most common and most known breed of betta fish is the Siamese fighting fish. Which is well-known for its aggressiveness and vibrant colors.

Off the bat, you should already know that a Siamese fighting fish needs space. If you are dealing with a male Siamese fighting fish. You will have to keep it in a separate bish bowl by itselfthis is because male Siamese fighting fish become very aggressive in the presence of another betta In fact, seeing its own reflection can make it more aggressive.

This is why they are kept in one fish bowl, for one will surely die if two males are kept together. This is not the case with female Siamese fighting fish because they are less aggressive towards another female betta. However, precautionary measures dictate. That your aquarium should have ample hiding places for female bettas in case you are thinking of keeping several female bettas together.

The Siamese fighting fish is just one type of betta fish. As you can see, the behavior for each type is different.  So you have to do some research on the particular type that you would want to own. Coming to the store prepared with what you want to buy will help. Because you will have fewer problems in trying to set up a home and caring environment for your pet betta.

Setting Up Your Betta Fish Aquarium

The next step is to set up the future home for your betta fish. Assuming that you have opted to go with the more peaceful types of betta. Which can live with another betta fish in the same fish bowl. You can then start decorating and buying the tools and equipment needed for your aquarium.

The water that you have to use is tap water, but with precaution that it is not hard water. If it is, try using water treatments to remove contaminants that may harm your fish. You also have to note the water temperature because the betta fish has a specific temperature that it adapts to. Generally, betta fish is a tropical creature, so the temperature has to fall somewhere within that range.

If you are unsure, just observe your betta fish’s behavior once you’ve put it in the fish bowl. They become sluggish if the water is too cold and jumpy when it is too hot.

Decorations like aquatic plants and gravel are options that can be left to the owner. The important thing to remember is that you have to consider the type of betta that you buy. You also have to consider their own environment and behavior. Some male betas tend to build bubble nests during mating season. So you may have to consider areas in the aquarium that can serve that purpose.

Feeding Your Betta Fish

The most common mistake that first-time fish owners tend to make is to not know the right time for feeding and amount of food to give their fish. This can be a huge problem for betta fish care. For betta fish, once a day is enough for adult bettas while babies have to be fed twice. Overfeeding is a major hazard to their health.  So after feeding time, remove food particles left floating in the fish bowl.

When it comes on the type of food to feed betta fish. There are two things that they can digest: live food and frozen food. But this depends on the type of betta fish that you buy. Most prefer live food, such as larvae, brown worms,  bloodworms, and brine shrimp.

Since frozen food is much more convenient in preparing, most pet owners go for this type of food. You can easily find frozen or freeze-dried food types of the list mentioned earlier. Which are made especially for betta fish.

Betta fish can go without food for a few days and it is good to skip one or two feeding days. So that their digestive system can cleanse itself. However, if you will be gone for vacation for a long period of time. It is best to have an automatic feeder to ensure that your pet fish will not die of starvation.

Cleaning The Fish Bowl

As with any aquarium, you will also have to deal with cleaning the fish bowl regularly to prevent contaminants from making your betta fish sick.

Filters are an important part of the aquarium. Just like with other fish types, the betta fish will produce substances. That can make the fish bowl dirty in the long run. Filters will not only help lessen the particles that contaminate the aquarium. But it can also ensure that your fish are healthy even when you have forgotten or missed a cleaning duty.

Be it a big dog or a small fish, caring for a pet requires a lot of effort and patience. But in the long run, when you have seen the fruits of your labor living happily in their fish bowls. This is the reward for being the best pet owner that they ever had.

Obedience Training For Dogs – Is obedience training good for a dog?


When you’re looking for information about obedience training for dogs, you will need to clarify exactly what you mean. Some people use the term “obedience training” to describe how to train a dog to be a good family member.

What Are The Basics?

They want their dogs to know how to sit, stay and not jump on people. If they can get their dogs to that level of accomplishment with the dog training basics, they will be happy.

But there is also a more formal meaning that includes training dogs to perform specific tasks for obedience competitions. Not only do the dogs need to be trained in more tasks, but the trainers need to know more, too.

And these trainers usually commit more time and money to obedience training for dogs than casual pet owners do. Here is an overview of how these two approaches are the same and where they are different.

How do I teach my dog obedience?

When you’re training a pet for family life, you want him to be safe and you want your family members to be safe around him. That means he needs to learn how to stay when you tell him to, so he won’t run into the street. He needs to know not to bite the children in the same way that he would bite other puppies when they are playing together.

He needs to learn not to bark when he sees someone on the sidewalk in front of the house (unless you want him to scare off an intruder). And he needs to know not to jump on granny and knock her down when he greets her at the door.

When training your dog for obedience competitions, she will still learn all of the behaviors of family life that were just mentioned. Your dog will still learn to stay, not bite, not bark and not jump. But this level of training will be just a foundation for carrying out more complex tasks. And the way your dog performs the commands you give her will be much more important.

Not only must she stay when you tell her to, but she must sit in a perfectly aligned position while she stays. In more advanced dog training classes, she will also learn to pick up objects when you tell her to, as well as distinguish between which objects you have touched and which ones you haven’t touched.

There is no doubt that basic obedience training for dogs is essential for having a happy and healthy pet. Dogs need to be able to successfully fit into their family’s lifestyle so that they everyone can enjoy the relationship, and you can choose the level of involvement that fits best with your goals and interests.

If you find that both you and your dog enjoy your training sessions and you want to spend more time together, take the next step to learn about competition obedience training. But at the bare minimum, make sure that you take the time to learn and apply the dog training basics that will keep your dog and family happy and safe.

Types of Hamster Food -Which One Is the Best ?


When you purchase a hamster as a pet, you’ll also need to purchase some basic accessories, including a cage, a water bottle, a few toys, and hamster food. It’s important that you feed your pet the correct types of food so that it can be healthy and happy – the wrong kinds of food can lead to indigestion, illness, or even death if they’re fed for long periods of time.

Which One Is The Best Hamster Food ?

For the best results, purchase a type of food that is marketed specifically for hamsters. There are several best hamster food available; the specific food choice is up to the individual pet owner.

Pelleted Food

This type of hamster food is made of a variety of grasses and grains that are healthy for hamsters, mixed together and pressed into small pellets. The pellets may be dyed a variety of bright colors to enhance their appearance. But; generally contain the same amount of nutrition regardless of color. This type of hamster food may also contain vitamin or mineral supplements that can help keep your pet healthy.

Seed Mixes

This type of hamster food consists of nuts, grains, and seeds that are safe for them to eat. You may find, when using this type of hamster food. That your pet sorts through the mixture and picks out their favorite items. Hamsters often hoard food in their cages, so it will be easy to see which parts of the food your hamster enjoys and which parts it doesn’t care for – those left behind in the food bowl after each feeding are likely not popular options. You may choose to mix this type of best hamster food with pelleted food to provide your hamster with more variety and interest in their diet.

Fresh Food

Hamsters can be fed fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables, in limited supply. Overfeeding of fresh pet food can cause intestinal issues or disease, so stick to small amounts of these foods as a special treat. You’ll find that your hamster has specific taste preferences; he or she may enjoy certain types of fresh food, while totally ignoring other fruits and vegetables.

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to provide your hamster with a varied, healthy diet. Feed nutritious options, and mix them up from one day to the next to prevent boredom. Pay attention to your hamster’s eating habits, and if you notice that it is not eating, eating excessively, or has developed an intestinal problem, consult a vet promptly.

For optimal health, feed your pet only recommended food and treats. And provide it with plenty of fresh drinking water. Your pet will thrive under these conditions, and you’ll be able to enjoy his company for years to come. Pls read this article , it is about dwarf hamser care.

Iguana Health Problems


We should care for our pets for a healthy and comfortable life. Although animals far from their natural habitats live longer, we cannot say that they will get sick less.Like all pets, iguanas have their share of health problems. Some of these include bladder stones, mites, and egg binding. Here’s a look at some of the most common iguana health problems.

Bladder Stones

Urine contains minerals that are supposed to be broken down naturally. If instead it accumulates, stones may develop in the urinary bladder. This usually causes symptoms such as lethargy and straining during urination. If the stones get too long, the abdomen may swell in response. The veterinarian will have to perform an x-ray to determine if bladder stones are indeed the problem. Upon successful diagnosis, surgery is required to extract the stone.

Egg Binding is an iguana health problem

One of the next common iguana health problems is egg binding. This potentially life-threatening condition affects females and occurs when they can’t expel an egg from their reproductive tract. Egg binding can occur due to various illnesses, malnutrition, or eggs that are too large or malformed. Again, an x-ray is required to diagnose the problem. The two main methods of treatment include surgery and medication.  iguana health problems  about  detailed information


Mites are external parasites that live on your iguana. If they are left untreated, they can cause more serious problems. They can also infect your other pets if you have any. You may notice little brown, red, or white specs moving around. In addition to treating your iguana, you will also need to treat the surrounding environment so the problem doesn’t recur.


All iguanas need a source of heat and light. However, heat lamps and light bulbs can also burn your lizard if he’s not too careful. Therefore, you need to install a protective device when using light bulbs or heat lamps to prevent burns.

Nose Abrasions

Nose abrasions are one of the final common iguana health problems. This occurs when your pet repeatedly bumps up against the walls of the enclosure trying to get out. Over time, this causes abrasions to form on the nose. This can sometimes can serious and permanent injuries.

How To Choose the Best Dog Breed For your Lifestyle


Are you in the market for a new puppy or new dog for your home ? Do you know what breed or type of dog that you are looking for?  If not then you will need to allocate some time to think about what you are looking for in your ideal dog and what you can provide this pet as well. How To Choose the Best Dog Breed For your Lifestyle?  What I mean is that there are certain dog breeds that do not require much attention and maintenance and in turn do not expect much affection or bonding to take place with this type of breed. I know you are probably saying who would want such a distant relationship with their pet?

The answer shouldn’t come as a shock yo you as those who travel frequently, don’t spend much time at home, or those that are just looking for someone to keep them company when they do happen to be home.Fortunately, there are methods in which you can limit your alternatives rather, making the entire thing a lot much easier.


Ok, let’s keep this real the first thing you should consider over anything else and even over monetary considerations should be how much area do you have and how much territory are you willing to share with your new dog. I know that may have come out the wrong way, but many new dog owners are not willing to share certain rooms or areas of their home with their pets. This will be fine as long as you establish these boundaries right from the start and not confusing your pet that it is okey one day to be in your bedroom but not the next day. Dogs are really systematic so if you let them sleep on the bed with you one day they will assume that it is okay and want to sleep on your bed with you every night.

If you stay in a loft or small apartment there is little reason or incentive to wanting to commit to getting a big dog . That will require and take up a great deal of space and might likewise require a great deal of work and time. For living locations with a restricted area, think about the Toy group of pets such as the Terrier Group or Mini Pinscher. Likewise the expense of keeping your pet dog ought to be examined. Huge pets might consume substantial quantities of food whereas smaller sized canines will certainly consume hardly any in contrast

The Best Dog Breed For your Lifestyle

Spend some time doing a rough on the expense for numerous pet food types over a twelve-month duration. If you don’t have time to go shopping. There are many online pet stores that will ship the dog food directly to your front door but this will come with a hefty price tag to it. So that should be taken to consideration if you are on a limited budget. If you are not on a budget skip this section and just go the online route. And have them deliver it on a set schedule that fits your needs. Consider and factor into your budget routine check-ups and visits to the veterinarian for shots, worming and so on. You will certainly see that bigger canines require more medical attention and are lot more costly to keep.

If you have kids, you might wish to consider exactly what canine type would fit in and mesh best with them. Youngsters can be rather heavy-handed with animals in some cases; getting a Chihuahua, for instance, might not be such a great idea as they are fragile animals. Likewise, having a Great Dane or Saint Bernard marauding around your home might be hazardous for a youngster.  And have put careful thought about the impact that your new pet will have on your home and children.

When selecting your pet, have a look at the larger photo. Attempt to withstand the temptation to choose the prettiest, cuddliest, charming pet you can discover. Consider your way of life, your house, your household and look for a canine type that fits finest with your life. After all, your brand-new canine will certainly be sharing your life with you for several years to come so ensuring. That you are both pleased is a vital thing to think about.

When Do Newly Born Kittens Actually See The World?


The offspring, born blind and deaf, weighs about one hundred grams. He is lied to by his mother and gets rid of the membrane on him, heats up and is warned. When Do Kittens see,  This will allow the pup to find its feeding breasts. Unable to regulate body temperature until 3 weeks of age, the puppy leans on its mother’s belly to absorb the milk containing many antibodies and hugs her well and warmly. A few days later, she will suckle milk from her mother while feeding, which will take a third of her time in the first month. Within 5 weeks, he will be able to move and his senses will develop as he spends his time sucking, playing and sleeping.

 How do cats see things?

How do cats see things,  Witnessing the miracle of birth can perhaps be the greatest and the most incredible things on earth. Unlike humans, animals are more self-sufficient and manage the birth of their little ones on their own. However, you as a cat owner would love to take proper care of your cat during her pregnancy.  When Do Kittens see,  At the time of birth, newly born kittens resemble delicate balls of soft fur and are very tiny. They depend solely on their mother for new born kitten care which includes food, nourishment, and protection.

Newly born kittens are unable to walk or move around and stick to their mother for a while. For the first few days after birth, they spend most of the time nursing or sleeping. At the time of birth of the kittens, their ears are folded back against the head and eyes are closed. In other words, they are virtually deaf and blind. As a cat owner, all you can do to keep them warm and safe is to see to it that you provide a secure place for the cat and her kittens to live in.

Make sure that there are no such items in the vicinity that can harm the kittens once they start moving around. When they first come into the world, they are very weak and can barely crawl around their mother. This makes it easier for the mother to be around for her kittens and nurse them in her litter. Once they gain a bit of strength, they are able to walk about. Cats are born with extremely sensitive ears and during the first few weeks of life, ears are drawn back to protect them from loud noises.

When Do Kittens See

Kittens also have a very sensitive nose and gifted with a great sense of smell, which is their only contact with the world around them when they are just born. They can easily smell and identify their mother and people around them and make hissing sounds if they smell something new. This is also a way of alerting their mother of the approaching danger. Kittens take quite some time to open their eyes . And the time taken will actually depend on the length of their fur. A long haired kitten will usually take a longer time to open his eyes as compared to a kitten with short hair.

How do cats see things,While some short haired kittens may be able to see things for the first time in about five to eight days only after their birth, others with long hair may take as long as 10 to 14 days to open their eyes. Most cat owners panic when they realize that some of the newly born kittens are yet to open their eyes. Each kitten varies in the amount of time it takes for its development. And it is normal if a kitten takes a day or two longer than others. Some kittens may not open both its eyes simultaneously . And it takes several weeks for kittens to actually develop the special eyesight all cats are gifted with. So, have patience with your new born kitten care and allow the kitten to take its own sweet time to grow and actually start exploring the world around.

Choosing Toys For Your Kitten Or Cat


All kittens are born with the urge to attack things. This innate pouncing reaction sharpens her natural predatory behavior. If you make sure your kitten or cat has lots of good quality toys, he or she will learn this natural behavior early and stay mentally and physically healthy and happy .You can help keep your cat active while protecting his or her health by picking the right kitten toys. Choosing Toys For a cat is very enjoyable work.

There are some things that are too dangerous for your cat to play with. Everyone thinks of a ball of yarn, but this tempting toy along with rubber bands, strings, and twine aren’t safe. The cat could try to swallow these toys, which could end up in surgery to remove it from the intestines.

Choosing Toys For Cat

Look around each room and “cat proof” it just as if you would baby proof it for an infant. If the electrical cords are tempting you cat into stalking the “snake”, you will need to invest in cord protectors to prevent his or her chewing on the cords and severely burning the mouth or fatally electrocuting him or her.

Other common household objects, such as buttons or foil, can also be dangerous if they end up in your cat’s stomach, possibly causing a perforation or blockage. Clean up other objects, such as chemical containers, cleaning products or other toxic substances.

You will probably find that your cat wants to stalk your fingers and toes. To prevent nasty scratches and bites, buy a soft stuffed toy to use to play with him or her. You cat can “attack” without scratching you or learning to be aggressive with people.

Of course your cat enjoys chasing balls and pouncing on stuffed toys, but cats like to play with their human family the most. You can easily buy interactive toys for this type of play choices, but be careful not to leave them out after play sessions to keep him or her from loosing interest in it. Some interactive toy suggestions include a fishing pole that has a feather or ball at the end of the string. As you dangle it around, your cat will love to jump, slap, and pounce on this elusive target. You can use balls or toy mice for cat to have him or her chase it each time you roll it across the room. Make sure they are big enough that they can’t be swallowed.

Enjoyful Toys For Cats

Catnip infused toys are popular. The chemical in it causes neurological stimulation in cats, but it will vary with each cat. Some will become excited and more active, but others may begin rubbing, rolling, and stretching or licking themselves. Often, they will want to take a nap or get a snack, ending your play session.

Normal, healthy cats will want to scratch. This helps remove the outer layers of their claws and marks their territory. If your cat has not been de-clawed on his or her front paws, a scratching post is a must have to save your carpet and furniture. You will find many kinds of scratching posts, such as twine wound around a post and or carpet models. Since every cat is different, you may need to test the kitten toys before you find the best kitten toys one for your cat.

How to House Train A New Puppy


House train a new puppy can be a frustrating experience and it is often the least favorite part for any new owner. However, properly house training a new puppy will not only help keep your house clean, but also build the bond of trust between you and your new pet. We all love smart and loyal dogs that are people’s close friends. What about home-feeding? You may be planning on getting a cute or cute puppy into your home. Maybe your friend’s dog, which he can no longer look after, will live with you from now on. Whether you’re a puppy or an adult, you need a little work to do to get your dog into his new home.

To help your puppy along, here are 4 tips for house training your new puppy:

  1. Train A New Puppy  – Remain calm, assertive, and patient.

It is important to know that most puppies are not fully house trained until they are 6 months old, and it may take even longer for larger breeds. They also typically need to relieve themselves every 30 to 45 minutes. Although this will vary between puppies and other factors. In most cases, they will need to relieve themselves after waking up, drinking water, eating food, and vigorously playing. You will need to be calm, assertive, and patient as you learn the puppy’s schedule. And tailor it to a house training routine.

      2. Keep house training and cleaning supplies handy.

When house training your puppy, you will need to keep the essentials stocked. You will need cleaners for handling fecal. And urine stains, paper and/or Train A New Puppy pads for lining a crate or room, paper towels, and treats. You should also keep collars and leashes handy for when you need to rush your puppy outside.  

  1. Designate potty areas.

 When house training your puppy, be sure to choose specific areas for the puppy to relieve itself as needed. If the area is inside, such as in a crate or room, be sure to line it with papers or Train A New Puppy as needed. If it is outside, be sure to bring your puppy to one spot in particular to prevent the entire yard from being used.

  1. Bring your puppy to the designated potty areas regularly.

For up to about 3 months, you should pick up your puppy and carry it to specific potty areas after it wakes up, eats, drinks, plays, and before it is put to bed. Carrying it in your arms will prevent accidents from happening along the way . And show your puppy exactly where it needs to go. If you catch the puppy peeing, you can still pick it up and bring it to the specified spot. But ; do so calmly as not to associate the action with discipline. If the puppy is defecating, it is better to let it finish. Because it will not be able to just stop. Whenever the puppy goes where you want it to, be sure to praise it heavily.

No matter how much progress you make with your puppy, there may be accidents because it does not have full control over the bladder. This is not the puppy’s fault, so it is important to never scold or discipline it. When it makes a mistake because it is a natural bodily function. However, with these 4 tips for house training your new puppy, you should be able to make the process less stressful for both you and your new pet.